The Toolbox in Incari holds all the possible Nodes a user can implement. These Nodes are the driving force of any Incari Project as they provide the necessary Logic to make Projects perform. They can all be found in the Logic Editor. Each Node has different Input Sockets, Output Sockets, and Attributes. These are all described in detail in the Node's page.


The Logic Editor can have several tabs, determining at which level this Logic will be applied. On start, it will show a Project tab and a tab with the name of the current Scene. It is also possible to have a tab for Functions or Prefabs. On each Logic level, represented by these tabs, different Nodes are available in the Toolbox. This is the Scope of each Node. In other words, the Scope of a Node determines on which of the tabs said Node will be available. The Table of Contents below is broken down into these four tab types and gives all the Nodes available in each with links to their documentation.