Unpair Bluetooth Device


Unpair Bluetooth Device attempts to unpair a given Bluetooth device that may have been previously discovered by the Scan For Bluetooth Devices Node. A more detailed explanation of this process can be found here.

The Node only schedules the unpairing process and then returns immediately. This means that it is possible to trigger the Node multiple times with different inputs, resulting in consecutive unpairing attempts. This is the reason for returning the error Bluetooth address, as it properly attributes the error to the relevant device.

Bluetooth Communication in Incari is available as a plugin and is enabled as default. However, in the case that it is disabled in the Plugins Editor, Unpair Bluetooth Device will not show up in the Toolbox. Please refer to the Plugins Editor to find out more information.

It is important to note that while the Unpair Bluetooth Device disconnects from a Bluetooth device (like a phone), it will not finish unpairing when the Node is executed. This will lead to the Logic attached to its Output Pulse not to work even though there is technically nothing wrong. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to use the On Bluetooth Device Unpaired Node instead. This way, the Logic will only execute once the Bluetooth device has definitely been unpaired from.

Again, the user must first use the Unpair Bluetooth Device Node to unpair from a device. Separately, the On Bluetooth Device Unpaired Node can be used to execute the desired Communication Logic.

Scope: Project, Scene.



Pulse Input (►)


A standard Input Pulse, to trigger the execution of the Node.

Bluetooth Address


The unique Bluetooth identifier that is associated with a Bluetooth device. This can be discovered by the Scan For Bluetooth Devices Node.



Pulse Output (►)


A standard Output Pulse, to move onto the next Node along the Logic Branch, once this Node has finished its execution.

On Error(►)


An Event Pulse that fires in the event of an error, namely that unpairing failed.

Error Message


The error message in the event of an error.

Bluetooth Address


The Bluetooth address of the device for which the pairing failed, in the event of an error

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