Prefabs in Scenes

In order to use Prefabs, one must understand the different ways to manipulate them. This is detailed in the following sections:

Creating Prefabs

To create a Prefab, go to the Scene Outliner and select the Objects that will compose the Prefab, then right-click and click on Make Prefab. This will create a Prefab consisting of the selected Objects and a new Prefab Asset will be generated in the Asset Manager.

New instances of the Prefab can be created by either duplicating the existing Prefab in the Scene Outliner or by dragging the Prefab Asset from the Asset Manager to the Scene Outliner or the Scene.

Editing the Prefab Asset

To edit the Prefab Asset, double-click the Prefab in the Asset Manager. This will open the Prefab View in both the Scene Outliner and Attribute Editor. It is also possible to right-click on the Prefab in the Scene Outliner and click the Edit Prefab button.

The Prefab View is indicated by a purple circle. Changes made here affect all instances of the Prefab.

For the changes made in the Prefab Asset to take effect, it is necessary to save them by pressing the Save prefab button on the top right corner of the Viewport.

Editing a Prefab Instance

Each Instance of a Prefab can be modified on its own and this overrides the Attributes from the Prefab Asset. To do this, simply edit the Object in the Prefab instance.

Unpacking a Prefab

A Prefab can be unpacked, meaning that it can be taken from its Prefab form and converted back into a normal Object, or Objects. If a Prefab contained multiple Objects, they will become separated and are treated as individual again. To unpack a Prefab, simply right-click on it in the Scene Outliner and click Unpack prefab.

When unpacked, the Objects of a Prefab will be moved to the same level in the Scene Hierarchy that the Prefab was on. This means that the parent of the Prefab is now the parent of the Objects and not the Prefab. The Prefab Instance is also deleted.

Any edits given to Objects of a Prefab via overrides remain once unpacked.

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