On WebSocket Receive


The On WebSocket Receive Node is an Event Listener Node that is triggered if the Websocket connection received a message during any action for the selected configuration, which was established in the Project Settings.

WebSocket Communication in Incari is available as a plugin and is enabled as default. However, in the case that it is disabled in the Plugins Editor, it will not appear in the Project Settings and On WebSocket Receive will not show up in the Toolbox. Please refer to the Plugins Editor to find out more information.

Scope: Project, Scene.



Is Binary


A boolean which allows the user to choose whether the returned message is in String or binary format. If it is toggled on (true), it will be Binary. If off (false), it will be a String.



The identifying connection name that will be used, which is one that was set up in the Project Settings.



Pulse Output (►)


A standard Output Pulse, to move onto the next Node along the Logic Branch, once this Node has finished its execution.


String or Bool

The message data in String format, unless Is Binary was set to true (resulting in a message in Binary format).

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