The Toggle Object is a 2D GUI Object that has two states: checked or unchecked. Its initial state and colors can be customized in the Attributes.


The Object's Attributes can be used to fully customize the Object. Explained below, they are:


The Transformation Attributes deal with placement, rotation, and size in XY space. More information can be found here.


The Toggle Attributes provide crucial data for a Toggle Object.

  • Is checked can be enabled or disabled. Enabled toggles it on and disabled toggles it off.


The Style Attributes offer the user options to customize further visual aspects of the Toggle:

  • Handle Color is the color of the Toggle's handle. It is the small circle which appears on the background of the Toggle.

  • Checked Color is the color of the background when Is checked is enabled.

  • Unchecked Color is the color of the background when Is checked is disabled.

  • CSS Classes contain the CSS class names of the Object.

  • Stylesheet contains the CSS stylesheet of the Object. This can override any stylesheet provided in the Project Settings or a Scene2D. To address these in the Logic, please refer to the Object 2D Nodes.


This Attribute manages the tags for the Toggle. See more on tags here.

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