ScaleTo Action


The ScaleTo Action Node continuously scales an Object to the Scale values specified in To for a given period of time, thus creating an Animation. Find an example of how to use this Node and its effect over an Object at the end of this page.

Furthermore, visit the Actions Nodes page for a general introduction to these Nodes, and Scale for more detail about the Scale Attribute.

Scope: Scene, Function, Prefab.





This section shows a simple example of how to use the ScaleTo Action Node and the effect it has on an Object. We start by configuring the Scene, then build the Logic, and finally show the result.

Scene Configuration


We then need to configure the Logic. This is done in the Logic Editor.

We use the ScaleTo Action Node with the following Attributes:

  • Interpolation: Linear

And we connect to it the Object Node of the red ellipse and a Pulse to the Start Input Socket. Thus, having the following Logic configuration:

Final result

Finally, the effect of the ScaleTo Action Node when triggered is the following:

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