The Socket.IO Nodes provide a means for the user to perform several actions within the Socket.IO communications protocol. Socket.IO is related to WebSocket and allows for bidirectional communication between servers and web clients using Socket.IO events. More information can be found in the official Socket.IO documentation. To use the Socket.IO Nodes in Incari, the user needs to locate the Socket.IO Attributes in Project Settings and add a Connection.

This form of Communication in Incari is available as a plugin and is enabled as default. However, in the case that it is disabled in the Plugins Editor, it will not appear in the Project Settings and render the Socket.IO Nodes unavailable. Please refer to the Plugins Editor to find out more information.

Socket.IO Guideline

These are the guidelines for incorporating Socket.IO Communication into a Project.

  • To properly start a connection, see the General Guideline on the Communication Introduction page.

  • Once the connection has been established, there are several Nodes that cover important functions of Socket.IO Communication.

  • To properly stop a connection, see the General Guideline on the Communications Introduction page.


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