Trigonometric functions are used to calculate the acute angles and side lengths of right-angled triangles. Trigonometry has a vast number of applications, ranging from engineering to astronomy. The most relevant to Incari, though, is that it can be used to calculate coordinates and distances within 3D space.

Trigonometric Functions

  • Sine - Returns the sine of an input value.

  • Cosine - Returns the cosine of an input value.

  • Tangent - Returns the tangent of an input value.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Arc Sine - Returns the arcsine of an input value.

  • Arc Cosine - Returns the arccosine of an input value.

  • Arc Tangent - Returns the arctangent of an input value.

  • Arc Tangent 2 - Returns the two-argument arctangent of two input values.


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