Shadeless Model

This model represents a material which displays a solid color and offers no response to light placement. It is rather simple, only allowing for selecting and editing:

  • Diffuse Color, Texture, and Blending.

All these Attributes are described in greater detail below.



This Attribute provides the Name of the Material as well as the Shading model type. It also sets the Alpha value if it is toggled on.

The Alpha channel is additional to the RGB channels and adds a kind of transparency to the object by mixing the background and foreground colors. For example, if the Alpha value is set to 0.5, then this would result in a 50% mix of the object and its background, providing a somewhat see-through quality.


Color of Diffuse sets the base diffuse color of the model.

Texture takes any image to add any desired visual information.

Using Blending, the Texture and Color are combined. If Blending is set to 1 then 100% of the Texture is displayed on the Object. If 0.5, then it displays a 50/50 ratio of Texture and Color.

Property Names

It is possible to hover over each Attribute and access their property names to be used in code or Nodes. A complete list of these names is as follows:

  • Use Alpha: use_alpha

  • Alpha: alpha

  • Color (Diffuse): diffuse_color

  • Texture (Diffuse): diffuse_map

  • Blending (Diffuse): diffuse_map_blending

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