Image Sequence Editor


The Image Sequence Editor allows the user to create and edit Image Sequences, which have the extension .incseq in the Asset Manager.

To open the Image Sequence Editor, either open it from View in the top panel of Incari, right-click on the Menu bar in Incari, and click on Image Sequence Editor from the drop-down list, or simply double-click on the Image Sequence to edit in the Asset Manager.

Once an Image Sequence is open in the Image Sequence Editor, images can be added or removed from the sequence and their order can be changed.

The top panel gives the options to save or clear the Image Sequence.


To add an image to the Image Sequence, drag it from the Asset Manager to the Image Sequence Editor.


To remove an image from the sequence, select it and either right-click it and choose delete or press del.

Changing Order

To move an image within the sequence, drag it and drop it in the desired position.

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