Animation Editor


The Animation Editor is used for creating and editing Keyframe-based timeline animations, which have the file extension .incani. It can either be opened from the View drop-down Menu on the top panel of Incari, or by right-clicking on the Menu bar in Incari and clicking on Animation Editor from the drop-down list, or simply by double-clicking an Animation Asset in the Asset Manager.

The Animation Editor can be used to animate Objects in both Scenes and Scene2Ds.

Animation Editor Window

Animation Editor - The main window, which contains all the options to create and edit an Animation. The specifics of its sections are described below.


The Toolbar offers several options to modify an Animation, such as adding or deleting an Animation Block, adding or deleting a Keyframe, and modifying the type of interpolation used. It also provides options for a better visualization of the timeline, such as a focus on just the visible lines and a toggle for the visibility of the tangent lines. The rest of the options are for enabling the preview, playing, and controlling of the Animation.

Left Panel

The Left Panel shows the Animation Blocks with their Transformation Attributes and corresponding Keyframes, which are highlighted in blue.

A Keyframe consists of two parts:

  • The Keyframe itself, which holds a value at a specific time.

  • The curve handles, which control the easing and interpolation between frames.

To add a Keyframe, simply right-click an Attribute and select Add Keyframe from the context menu. This will create a Keyframe at whatever time the playhead is currently on. The curve handles can then be adjusted to fine-tune the intermediate frames.

When a Keyframe is selected, its corresponding Bézier curve is shown in the Animation Timeline.

When the Animation is run, the Left Panel shows the evolving values of the Transformation Attributes.

Animation Timeline

The Animation Timeline shows a graph with the Bézier curves of the Transformation Attributes.

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