On MQTT Topic


On MQTT Topic is an Event Listener Node that executes when an MQTT Message (only for the specificed Topics) is received. Topics are strings that act as filters for Messages and are hierarchical, meaning there are different levels. Remember, they are case sensitive.

In order to use this Node, the user must have already subscribed to the specified Topics with the MQTT Subscribe Node.

Scope: Project, Scene.





The connection, or signal name, that will be used.


User Input

The key in the MQTT key/value pair.


The above image shows what happens when an MQTT connection has been made in the Project Settings. The connection's name will appear under Configuration. One or more Topic Names can be added, which appear as Output Pulses on the Node. It is possible to specify if they are binary or not. Each of these Topics have a corresponding Body String, which is the value in the MQTT key/value pair.

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