Lottie Sprite

The Lottie Sprite Object is Incari's way of allowing the user to incorporate Lottie animations into a User Interface.

To create a Lottie Sprite Object, simply click the plus icon at the top of the Scene Outliner or right-click in the Scene Outliner, hover over Create, and locate Lottie Sprite Object.

While the Lottie Sprite Object has several Attributes that alter its visual aspects, the most important is the File under Lottie. Here the user can select a .lottie file that has been placed in the Asset Folder of the Project.

Above, the File Attribute has been highlighted for the Lottie Sprite Object. This is where the user can select the appropriate file after activating the pop-up Menu.

For now, there are two options when choosing a file for the Lottie Sprite Objects. The user can use a Lottie JSON file and rename it from FileName.json to FileName.lottie. Or the user can use a compressed Lottie file, uncompress it, and then rename it from FileName.json to FileName.lottie.

Beware of assuming a compressed Lottie file with a .lottie extension is compatible with Incari Studio. Please uncompress it first and rename it after.

When the .lottie file is selected, it is displayed in the Viewport as a preview of the animation, which can be played, paused, and stopped with the respective buttons under Simulation Preview.

There are several Nodes that are attributed to Lottie Sprite Objects. More information can be found here and here.

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