In other 3D applications, it is quite common to apply materials and textures directly to a 3D mesh. In Incari, though, we have a specific Mesh Object which contains separate references to the 3D Asset (the mesh data) and Incari's own Material file, which contains Shade and Texture information.

Like any other Scene Object, we can manipulate the Position, Rotation and Scale of a Mesh using the Transformation Attributes and adjusting its Rotation Pivot.

Mesh Asset

The Mesh Asset Attribute contains a reference to a 3D file in your Asset Manager. We currently have limited support for .3ds, .ply, .dae and .fbx files, however we recommend using .obj, since the importer has been widely tested and rarely has any issues.

When you drag and drop a mesh from the Asset Manager into your Scene a Mesh Object is automatically created. If you need to assign the Asset manually, however, you can simply drag and drop the Asset onto the Asset slot of the Attribute.

Material Asset

The Material Asset Attribute is used to apply a Material Asset to a Mesh. Materials can be created in the Asset Manager and edited in the Material Editor.

To assign a Material Asset to the Attribute, drag and drop it onto the Asset slot of the Attribute.

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