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Scene Outliner

The Scene Outliner contains the list of every Object in the currently selected Scene. It can be used to organize, manage, create, delete, and edit them.
Scene Outliner.
Pop-up menu with options to manage Objects.
This page describes all the options available in the Scene Outliner for managing Objects in a Scene:


New Objects can be created in the following ways:
  • Click on the plus
    icon located at the top left corner of the Scene Outliner and select the Object to create.
  • Right-click inside the Scene Outliner, select Create from the pop-up, and click on the Object.
Creating an Object with the plus icon.
Creating an Object from the pop-up menu.


The pop-up menu that appears by right-clicking on the Scene Outliner offers three options relating to Prefabs.
  • Make prefab: The selected Objects turn into a Prefab.
  • Unpack prefab: The selected Prefab Instance is unpacked, thus the Objects that compose it remain in the Scene but no longer are a Prefab Instance. More information can be found here.
  • Edit prefab: This will open the Prefab View, where the Prefab Asset can be edited
Creating a Prefab from Objects in the Scene.
Unpacking a Prefab.
Creating an Object from the pop-up menu.
For more details, see the Prefabs section.


An Object in the current Scene can be duplicated by right-clicking it on the Scene Outliner and selecting Duplicate.
Duplicating an Object.

Copy, Cut, and Paste

Objects can be cut or copied and then pasted in another Scene.
Cutting, copying, and pasting Objects.


Objects can be renamed by right-clicking an item and selecting Rename. You can then type a new name and press /Return to confirm the change.
Renaming an Object.


Objects can be deleted in the following ways:
  • Right-click on an item and select the Delete button from the pop-up.
  • Select an item and press del.
Deleting an Object.

Show and Hide

Objects can be shown or hidden at the start of a Scene.
To hide an Object, click on the eye icon at the right of it.
And to show a hidden Object, click on the crossed out eye icon at the right of it.
The Search option allows the user to search Objects in a Scene by name. To perform a search, click the magnifying glass icon on the top right, and write the name of the Object to search.
Searching Objects by name.


The Filter option allows the user to filter Objects in a Scene by type. To apply a filter, click the filter icon on the top right, and select the types to filter from the drop-down menu. After a filter has been applied, it can be removed with the Reset button.
Filtering Objects by type.

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