Material Editor
The Material Editor allows us to create a Material that gives a Mesh a specific visual appearance when it comes into contact with Light in a Scene. The Material files have an .incmat as their filename extension.
To open the Material Editor, double-click on a Material file in the Asset Manager or right-click on the Menu bar in Incari and click on Material Editor from the drop-down list. This can be seen in the illustration below:
The sections defined in the Material Editor are discussed below:
Note: These sections will not be opened if a Material file has already been opened in the Material Editor.
The Used Materials section has Materials that have been previously applied to a Mesh in a Scene. These Materials can be edited by clicking on them.
New Material, as its name suggests, allows us to create new Materials. The illustration below depicts its behavior when clicked.
Open Material opens a window that allows us to select an existing Material file. An example of the window is shown below:
Once a Material has been opened, the Material Editor allows the user to edit the Material's Attributes, as shown in the images below. Along with ways to edit Shadow and Texture, Incari now supports the use of normal mapping with the Normal Maps Attribute. This allows the user to upload a Normal Map file that, when applied, can improve the detail and complexity of a Mesh which is made up of a low number of polygons (simply put, less complex). This also helps streamline the rendering process. With this type of texture mapping, Meshes in Incari will seem as detailed as complicated ones, while being more efficient.

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