Current Limitations

There are a few small exceptions that should be noted in order to make sure everything runs smoothly and renders properly when importing Figma projects into Incari Studio.

  • General

    • Any flattened Figma objects, or Figma vectors in general, must not consist of multiple different fills.

    • Effects and Constraints are not supported.

  • Objects

    • Polygons and Stars in Figma are imported as Vectors.

    • Rotation is not considered when an Object is layouted. The unrotated Object is used as a basis for layouting. This is unlike Figma, where the rotated Object is used.

  • Text

    • In Figma, properties are on a letter basis, meaning that it is possible to change the colors of individual letters. In Incari they are on an object basis, meaning that setting the color of individual letters won't do anything. A text imported from Figma to Incari will have a uniform color across all letters.

    • Fonts have to be added manually. If a font unknown to Incari is imported from a Figma project, a so-called dummy font will be used in its place and a file will appear in the Asset Manager containing default dummy font.

    • Line Height only works with %, not with pt.

    • Multiple Figma text configurations are not supported, e.g. Case, Decoration, etc.

  • Frame

    • Only integers are used for layouting.

    • If the user imports a Frame which has a fixed size and its content (i.e. padding, gap, size, etc.) exceeds the size of the Frame, it will appear differently to how it looks in Figma. Figma tries to center the content while applying gap and padding; however, in Incari Studio, we apply the left and top padding and then the gap, and only apply the bottom and right padding for the space that remains. Otherwise, the content is potentially moved out of the Frame on the right and bottom.

  • Prefabs

    • In Figma every instance can change what variant it is. In nested instances, the inner instances must not change the type of variant they use. If there is a change, everything upwards in the hierarchy will be imported as a Frame.

    • Remote Figma components are imported as Frames, so there is no linking to the original component.

    • For nested structures, if a Figma component has multiple variants, these variants will be imported as individual Prefabs, requiring separate Logic for each. This defeats the purpose of Prefabs so it is highly suggested to create only one variant per component in Figma. This variant would have all possible objects and properties, which the user can cluster into groups if necessary, and will be imported into Incari as one Prefab. This preserves the structure of the Prefab, especially in regard to any subsequent Logic.

  • Vector

    • Objects which cannot have a fill (open objects) have a static stroke width which cannot be changed.

  • Paint

    • Setting the Outer Handle of Gradients is not supported.

    • Diamond and Angular Gradient paints are not supported, lending the whole layer to be nonexistant as nothing is imported.

    • Video paints are not supported, in stroke nor fill. This means that no paint will be imported.

    • Multiple stroke configurations are not supported, e.g. Style, Intersection, Caps, etc.

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