A Scene2D is a collection of 2D Objects that represent different unique places within your User Interface, such as menus, maps, and media players. Each Scene2D exists in two dimensions in pixel space.

The workspace is only in two dimensions. For the order of Objects, an index is no longer required. Whatever way the Objects are listed in the Scene Outliner -- chosen by the user -- decides the order in which they are displayed.

The Scene2D Object has a couple of Attributes:

  • Player Camera: Determines the Camera that will show the Scene2D when the Scene2D starts.

  • CSS File: A CSS file which is applied to the particular Scene2D. It allows the user to style all Scene2D Objects with anything possible in CSS2, such as making changes to font, background color, border, etc. It is also possible to trigger animations with the "transition" property, like smooth highlighting of a button when you hover or press it. However, when a Scene2D Object has its own CSS file, this lower level stylesheets take precedence over any higher level ones.

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