MAVLink Decode


Mavlink Decode decodes the binary data attributed to the Message Name (identifier of message type) and Message (message instance). The identifier comes from the Dialect's message definitions. The message instance originates from the output of On MAVLink Packet Received.

MAVLink Communication in Incari is available as a plugin and is enabled as default. However, in the case that it is disabled in the Plugins Editor, it will not appear in the Project Settings and MAVLink Decode will not show up in the Toolbox. Please refer to the Plugins Editor to find out more information.

The Message Name must match the identifier in the message instance. If they are the same, the binary data will be successfully decoded and outputted to their respective outputs which appear when a Message Name has been selected. If not, the Node fails to fire correctly.

When the Message Name is selected, more outputs on the Node are displayed. For example, if Altitude is selected as the identifier, the appropriate outputs for that message type will appear.

Scope: Project, Scene.



Message Name


A particular message or command from the selected Dialect XML file chosen in Project Settings to be decoded. This defaults to the MAVLink_Common Dialect in Project Settings as it is the only one supported and includes the standard Dialect and its minimal Dialect.



Pulse Input (►)


A standard Input Pulse, to trigger the execution of the Node.



The desired Message, which includes the message type that will be compared to the one in the selected Message Name.



Pulse Output (►)


A standard Output Pulse, to move onto the next Node along the Logic Branch, once this Node has finished its execution.

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