Prefabs are Objects that are composed of a combination of Objects. They allow the user to create multiple individual Instances of this combination and then make changes that are enacted across all of them. Each Instance can also retain unique properties via overrides, thus allowing one to create several Objects with the same functionality but different characteristics. Moreover, Prefabs have their own Logic encapsulated within them.

There are two types of Prefabs, those available in Scenes and those available in Scene2Ds. They both can only encapsulate the Objects present in their respective Scene type.

The first section shows how to create and use Prefabs in both Scenes and Scene2Ds. Prefabs in Scene2Ds are treated as Frames, but with the properties of a Prefab. The second section gives more details about the Logic of Prefabs and the third section describes Nested Prefabs. On the surface, Prefabs in Scene2Ds essentially work the same as Prefabs in Scenes so they follow the same procedures highlighted in the latter two sections.


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