Audio Objects provide a means for the user to incorporate aural aspects to a User Interface, whether that be music, a chime alert, or a speech file.

In this version of Incari Studio only .mp3 files are supported.

To create an Audio Object, either click the plus icon in the Scene Outliner or right-click in the Scene Outliner, hover over Create, and locate Audio.

When an Audio Object is created, it is initially empty. Also, there is no visual component displayed in the Scene, even when a file is selected.

While the Audio Object has several Attributes, the most important of which is Audio File under Audio. Here the user can either drag a file from the Asset Manager or click the empty file icon and select the desired file from the pop-up Menu.

A preview of the Audio can be played, paused, or stopped within its Scene of Incari Studio by clicking the respective buttons in the Attribute Editor.

In order to use Audios in a Project and have them play in the Player, the user needs to use the Media Nodes in the Logic Editor. More information on using Media Nodes can be found here and here. For understanding how to use Object Nodes in the Logic Editor, please refer to this section.

An example Logic configuration can be seen below. This would allow one to play the Audio with A on their keyboard and stop it with B.

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