Asset Manager


Assets are the files in the Project Asset folder. They can be used for creating or modifying Objects. The Asset Manager shows all the available Assets and allows to organize, manage, and create them.


Assets can be imported by clicking on the plus icon at the top left of the Asset Manager, selecting Import Assets, and finding the files to import to the Asset Manager.


For creating an Asset, right click on the Asset Manager, select Create Asset, and choose which kind of Asset to create.


The Asset Manager offers different views of the files in the Assets folder. The general view can be switched on the top left between flat and folder tree view and the files can be seen as either icons or in a list, which is chosen in the bottom right corner.


Assets can be deleted in the following ways:

  • Right click the Asset and select the Delete button from the pop-up.

  • Select an Asset and press del.


Assets can be renamed by right-clicking an item and selecting Rename. You can then type a new name and press /Return to confirm the change.