X86_64 CPU Quadcore with 2Ghz


Minimum of 4GB


Graphics Card: Support of OpenGL 3.3 or higher, min 1 GB Video-RAM


Minimum of 2GB free space


min Windows 7 or Debian based Linux Derivate


MS Visual Studio 2022 (Desktop Development C++ setup)


It is not unheard of to sometimes have problems with high GPU usage when using Incari Studio. There are a couple of workarounds, one which requires access to the Nvidia Control Panel.

One can start off by clicking through Global Preferences --> Viewport --> Enable VSync and making sure it is toggled on. If this remedies the issue, the next steps are not necessary to investigate.

However, if the high GPU usage of Incari Studio has not been fixed, it is suggested to open up Nvidia Control Panel. It could be that the settings here are overriding those in Incari Studio, which leads to high FPS (up to 500) and high GPU usage (up to 90%).

The user can either set Vertical Sync (located under Manage 3D Settings) to On or Use the 3D application setting. This will result in the framerate being locked to the native display framerate; the GPU usage should drop to around ~20% for a small Project. Results may vary for large and robust Projects.

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