Objects and Types in Incari are the tools available for users to create the dynamic and scalable Projects that are currently possible. They are the bread and butter of User Interfaces in Incari.

These include Objects such as Lights, Texts, different 2D and 3D shapes, and more. They are explained in more detail on their own respective pages, which can be found on the Table of Contents below. Applying a mixture of the Objects available in Incari amplifies the functionality of a Project; these Objects have been created in order to anticipate the needs of the user when developing HMIs.

Similarly, Objects have different Attributes, which allow one to customize them. These Attributes cover a variety of properties that are explained throughout the section.

All Objects can be turned into Prefabs. A Prefab is made up of several Objects that can be instantiated multiple times. Each of these Instances acts like a single Object and can retain unique properties via overrides. Find out more in the Prefab section.

Data values within Incari can be one of several of the usual Data Types. See the corresponding page for a list of the available Data Types and their descriptions.

With better understanding on Objects and Types, it will be possible for the user to build more seamlessly from concept to implementation.


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