The HTTP Settings cover the necessary data to provide functionality to the HTTP Nodes.

Name is an identifying name of a HTTP server chosen at the user's discretion. This will show up in the Nodes as a choice for the Configuration Attribute.

Is IPv6 can be enabled or disabled. IPv6 is the newest version of the Internet Protocol. More information about IPv6 can be found in the External Links section.

Local port is the port the user chooses to use for their HTTP server. For HTTP, the standard is 80 or 8080 and for HTTPS, the standard is 443. More information on ports and port forwarding can be found in the External Links section.

Use SSL enables (or disables) the use of the SSL Certificate.

The SSL Certificate makes it possible to utilize the HTTPS protocol by incorporating SSL encryption.

Autostart can be enabled or disabled and dictates when the server is run (from the beginning of an application's life cycle or when the appropriate Nodes are used).

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