The Slider is a GUI 2D Object that allows the user to create a customizable slider selector. The customization is done through the Attributes.


The Object's Attributes can be used to fully customize the Object. Explained below, they are:


The Transformation Attributes deal with placement, rotation, and size in XY space. More information can be found here.


The Slider Attributes offer the user options to customize the Slider:

  • Value determines where the handle will appear on the track on start.

  • Minimum is the leftmost value that occurs on the track.

  • Maximum is the rightmost value that occurs on the track.

  • Step is the amount the values increase to the next.


The Style Attributes offer the user options to customize further visual aspects of the Slider:

  • Handle color is the color of the handle (the sliding object along the track)

  • Handle size (px) is the size of the handle.

  • Track Color is the color of the track (the line that appears as part of the Slider).

  • Track thickness (px) is how thick the track appears.

  • CSS Classes contain the CSS class names of the Object.

  • Stylesheet contains the CSS stylesheet of the Object. This can override any stylesheet provided in the Project Settings or a Scene2D. To address these in the Logic, please refer to the Object 2D Nodes.

Finally, the Slider works like this when the Project is run:


This Attribute manages the tags for the Slider. See more on tags here.

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