The Text Object is a very versatile feature of Incari Studio.


Value defines the text that will appear in the Text Object. This can be any sequence of characters that the font supports, including special characters such as emojis 😉.

Additionally, the Value Attribute can be used to add extra styling in the form of HTML/CSS. This is achieved using <span> tags and is only recommended to users who are familiar with these languages.

Without CSS
<span style="
    font-style: italic;font-weight:bold;
    background:linear-gradient(#FEE140 0%, #FA709A 100%);

    With CSS

Size and Resolution

Although you may already be familiar with the Size and Resolution Attributes of the Camera Object, things work slightly differently with Text and Web Sprite Objects.

With Camera, Resolution relates to the resolution of a physical piece of hardware ,i.e., a display. With Text and Web Sprite, however, both Size and Resolution relate to something which exists in virtual 3D space. So although, like Camera, the Size Attribute defines the Object's size in 3D space, the Resolution Attribute defines the resolution of the content that will be stretched to fit that space.

Font Family

Font Family allows you to select a generic font family (monospace, serif, sans-serif) or add your own custom font.

To add a custom font, simply drag it into the Asset Manager from your OS file explorer. To use that font, drag it from the Asset Manager onto the Font File Attribute of a Text Object in the Attribute Editor.


Alignment works like any other word processor. You can align your text to be left-aligned, centre-aligned or right-aligned, using the left, centerand rightoptions respectively.

Font Size

Font Size defines the approximate height, in pixels, from the lowest descent to the highest ascent of a font.

Font Color / Background Color

Colors can be set in various ways in Incari and work very much like they do in other software. You can manually adjust the HSB / RGBA values or input a Hex Code, using their corresponding Color Attribute.


Additionally, Text also shares Common Attributes of the Sprite category; which are:

  • Alpha

  • Flip U and Flip V

  • Sort Index

There are also several Nodes attributed to Text Objects. More information can be found here, here and here.

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