Text Area

The Text Area Object allows the user to add multiline text with a background to their Project. It can be completely customized in the Attributes.


The Object's Attributes can be used to fully customize the Object. Explained below, they are:


The Transformation Attributes deal with placement, rotation, and size in XY space. More information can be found here.

Text Area

The Text Area Attributes provide crucial data for a Text Area Object.

  • Text is simply the desired text.

  • Word Wrap can be enabled and disabled. When it is enabled, the text fits within the confines of the Text Area. If disabled, the text will be in one line and may run off the Text Area, causing some text to not be visible. In this case, please adjust the dimensions of the Text Area.


The Text Attributes offer the user options to customize the Text:

  • Line height (%) determines the placement of the text within the text box.

  • Color decides the color of the text.


The Font Attributes offer the user options to customize the Text's font:

  • Family offers three different font types: monospace, sans-serif, and serif. More fonts can be added by the user in Project Settings.

  • Size determines the size of the font in pixels.


The Style Attributes offer the user options to customize further visual aspects of the Text Area:

  • The Background Color is the color of the Text Area box which appears behind the text.

  • CSS Classes contain the CSS class names of the Object.

  • Stylesheet contains the CSS stylesheet of the Object. This can override any stylesheet provided in the Project Settings or a Scene2D. To address these in the Logic, please refer to the Object 2D Nodes.


This Attribute manages the tags for the Text Area. See more on tags here.

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