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Logic in Prefabs

Prefabs contain their own Logic and it applies to all instances of the Prefab. The Prefab Logic can be incorporated into the Scene Logic via a Prefab Node, which can be found in the Logic Editor by choosing the Prefab tab on the left Menu.
Prefab Node.
To open the Prefab Logic graph in the Logic Editor either double-click the Prefab Node in the Logic Editor or the Prefab Asset in the Asset Manager.
The Prefab Logic has two Nodes by default: Prefab Input and Prefab Output. These represent the Input and Output of the Prefab Node, respectively.
Prefab Logic
These two Nodes can have their Attributes customized: Input Sockets can be added to the Prefab Input Node and Output Sockets to the Prefab Output Node. These changes will then be reflected in the Prefab Node.