AI Logic Generation

AI Logic Generation (Beta)

The Logic Editor's AI Generator may be in beta, but it still promises to transform the user's workflow.


There are several ways to open the AI (beta) section of the Logic Editor:

  • Right-clicking in the Logic Editor and selecting AI (beta).

  • Right-clicking and scrolling up (one can switch between Search and AI (beta) in this manner as well).

  • Right-clicking and using the right arrow.

  • Pressing Tab and selecting, scrolling, or pressing the right arrow.

  • Pressing Shift + Tab.

  • Pressing Shift + Right Click


Once the user has successfully accessed AI (beta), all they need to do is type their request into the prompt box and click Generate. The example demonstrated here is beyond the current capabilities of the AI Generator, but the process remains the same. Some current limitations can be referenced here.

This will result in an AI Logic Group and some associated Attributes.

The above image shows Logic Branches made up of four Nodes which were created based on the example prompt.

It is possible to remove Nodes from the AI Logic Group if desired, or rewire their configuration. This allows the user further flexibility and creativity.


The main Attributes fall under the AI and Rate categories.

With AI, the user can see the prompt they inputted previously. Reconfigure generates a different AI Logic Group if the user was not initially satisfied with the original result. It is also possible to update the prompt in order to add or remove information.

When the user is finally pleased with the outcome, they can click Apply, which confirms the AI Logic Group, removes the dashed lines around it, and turns it into a regular Logic Group.

Under Rate, the user can give a rating for the result they are given. This helps our team at Incari pinpoint weak spots and improve the AI Generator for all users. Specific feedback can be given in the Description box. Simply click Send to submit.


Once the user clicks Apply, the AI Logic Group is confirmed and turned into a regular Logic Group.

Here, the user can change the Color of the Group, its Zindex, and Content Alpha.

Current Limitations

Since the AI Generator is still in its beta phase, there are a few issues the user should be aware of:

  • AI (beta) currently cannot create Node Attributes.

  • It has no awareness of Data Types.

  • Occasionally, connections may be missing.

  • Occasionally, the positioning of the resulting Nodes may be incorrect.

  • The AI Generator has some difficulty dealing with abstract queries. It is suggested to use it only for simple requests for now.

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