Color Attribute

Color Attributes are used to set the color and opacity of several Objects in Incari. They can be set in a variety of ways:

  • Using the saturation/brightness picker.

  • Using the hue and alpha sliders.

  • Setting an 8-digit ARGB hex code.

  • Manually setting hue, saturation brightness (HSB) levels.

  • Manually setting red, green, blue and alpha (RGBA)


Hex Codes

Currently the hex code Field of the Color Attribute only accepts full 8-digit hex codes. It does not support shorthand hex codes (e.g. #FFF), and does not automatically interpret 6-digit hex codes as 8-digit hex codes.

Additionally, the first two digits of the code represent the alpha value, not the red value, therefore 6-digit hex codes must have an alpha value added to the front of the code (e.g. #FF0000 would become #FFFF0000).

Hue, Saturation and Brightness

HSB values in Incari are within the range 0 - 1, which may differ from other software. Hue properties, for example, are often given in degrees (0° - 360°), while saturation and brightness are often represented as a percentage (0% - 100%). To translate values from another application to Incari, you may need to convert the values first.

Red, Green, Blue and Alpha

RGBA are all within the range of 0 - 255. This is a fairly common convention, however there are some cases where alpha values are given as a percentage, or within the range 0 - 1. As with HSB, values may need to be converted beforehand.

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