This section shows how to get started with Incari Studio, a powerful software that promotes creative and highly functional User Interfaces. There are several things to check before commencing with the first Project, but they are simple and necessary to experience everything Incari Studio has to offer.

There are a few imperative properties your local machine requires for running Incari Studio. These are all provided in Requirements.

With each release, Incari Studio is updated and improved in order to provide the best user experience. We explain any new features in What's New. Take a look for the most current developments within Incari Studio.

Installing Incari Studio is not scary or difficult. The process is explained step by step in the easy-to-follow Installation Guide.

Once all the preliminaries are out of the way, it's time to create! Head over to the First Steps Section for more information on:

We wish you well on your journey using Incari Studio.


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