• Scene: Collection of Objects that constitute what is shown on the User Interface.

  • Screen: Technical specifications of the physical display of a Project.

  • Project: A collection of Screens with their corresponding Scenes.

  • Assets: Files in the Project Asset folder. They can be linked to and modify Objects.

  • Event: Action or occurrence that triggers a Logic Branch, represented in the Logic Graph by the Events Nodes.

  • Data Types: A classification of data values into several categories that specify how they are read by the program and which operations they can be subjected to.

  • Node: Components of the Logic Graph that evaluate data values or represent Variables, Events, or Objects.

  • Flow Control: Type of Nodes that are used to define the order in which the Logic is evaluated.

  • Pulse: Connections that determine the order of execution of Nodes.

  • Input: Node Sockets that receive data or Pulses.

  • Output: Node Sockets that send data or Pulses.

  • Attributes: Collection of customizable characteristics of Objects, Nodes, Screens, and Scenes.

  • Euclidean division: Process of dividing one integer by another, producing a quotient and a remainder.

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