At the moment Incari relies on the Windows SDK that comes with Visual Studio (free version). Therefore, the first step is to install the Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition (Desktop Development C++ setup), start it once, and create a profile.

For installation and licensing of Incari Studio, please follow these steps:

  • Register in the Incari website and then activate your account from your e-mail.

  • After activating your account, log-in, and go to Downloads. Here you can download Incari Hub.

  • Install and then start Incari Hub.

  • Log-in into Incari Hub with your Incari credentials.

  • In Incari Hub, go to the Incari Studio tab, under Applications. Here you can manage your installed versions of Incari Studio and install new ones.

  • Press on "Install". Then you will see the available versions of Incari Studio to install.

  • To install Incari Studio 2023.2, press on the "Install" button and the following message will appear:

  • Choose the Install Location, accept the terms in the license agreement, and click on "Install", then the installation will start.

  • After the installation is completed, Incari Studio 2023.2 will appear in "Incari Studio installed versions":

  • A user's subscriptions should appear in the Settings.

  • To compare, one can check by going to the Incari website, where you can manage your subscriptions.

  • Click Activate to activate a subscription.

  • After installation, the first step to start using Incari Studio is to create a Project.

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