This page will describe Groups in Incari. The Group Object works like a folder, as it allows you to structure and organize Objects, making Scenes with high amounts of different Objects more manageable.

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There are a couple of ways to create Groups.

  • Locate the drop-down Menu by clicking the plus-sign in the Scene Outliner. Then click Group and add any other Objects to it.

  • Select multiple Objects and right-click on Create. Select Group.

  • Right-click inside the Scene Outliner, select Create from the pop-up, and click on Group. Now Objects can be added one-by-one.


A Group can be deleted in its entirety or one Object at a time.

  • To delete a Group, right-click the Group and select Delete.

  • To delete one Object in a Group, simply right-click on that particular Object and select Delete.


A useful function of the Group Object is that it allows you to transform multiple Objects relative to a single Pivot Point, as if they were are a single Object.

Like any other Scene Object, we can manipulate its Transformation Attributes.

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