After clicking on UDP in the Plugins Module, its options will show. All UDP Communication related components are encompassed by the UDP Plugin.

To refresh, UDP, or User Datagram Protocol, is a connectionless form of data communication that is a part of the Internet protocol suite. More information can be found here. Within Incari, this is done by using the UDP Nodes and connections are configured in the Project Settings. They add the necessary functionality to a Project that requires this type of communication. However, the user may decide that they would rather deactivate this portion of Incari to heighten performance and stability.

To do this, the user needs simply to locate the toggle labeled Activated and click it once.

Incari will alert the user of this by outputting this message to the screen:

By following these instructions (save and restart Incari Studio) the user will deactivate the UDP Plugin.

Once the user has followed these steps, they will see that after restarting Incari Studio and going to the Plugins Editor, the checkmark by UDP will be gone and the toggle labeled Deactivated.

To activate again, the user just needs to repeat this by clicking Deactivated and saving and restarting again.

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