Incari HMI Development Platform

Incari Studio is a development platform for creating complex Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems. It offers all the necessary tools to construct fully working User Interfaces (UIs), bringing together the design and engineering stages.

Among the main features Incari offers:

  • No-code approach: Incari Studio uses a visual programming structure for the creation of its Logic, giving the user an easy way to create and visualize the functionality of their Project.

  • Connectivity: Incari Studio can be very easily connected to external data sources. It supports several widely used protocols, such as HTTP, CAN, and MQTT.

  • Rendering: The powerful 3D rendering engine permits an easy-to-use and straight-forward visualization and construction of a User Interface.


The Incari Studio Documentation offers a detailed description of all the elements in Incari Studio and how to use them. It is divided into five sections, which are the following:

This section describes everything necessary to get started with Incari Studio, from the system requirements to creating a first Project, including an installation guide and introductions to Incari Hub and Incari Studio itself.

The elements used to design UIs in Incari are called Objects. They come in several forms, can be customized via Attributes, and use different Data Types. This section describes the types of Objects, their Attributes, and the Data Types used in Incari.

Incari's Interface is divided into Modules, each with their own specific function. This section describes in detail every Module and its use.

One of the most important Modules in Incari is the Logic Editor, where the Logic of the Project is built. The Logic determines how the Objects in the created Interface interact and change. The Toolbox in the Logic Editor contains the Nodes, which are the building bricks of the Logic and in this section every Node is described in depth.

Demo Projects are downloadable Projects that allow the user to see how certain functionalities are implemented in Incari Studio. This section describes every Demo Project available.

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