Web Sprite

Web Sprites are an advanced type of Object which allow you to embed anything, from a small HTML widget to an entire web page, into your Scene. This allows integration between Incari's built-in Objects and Logic, and many web technologies.

Another important feature of the Web Sprite Object is that, when combined with the Call JavaScript Function Node in the Logic Editor, we can use evaluated data from our Logic as arguments for a web resource's JavaScript Function.

Web Resource

Source Type

A Drop-down Type Attribute, which controls whether the web resource is a local file, or if it is hosted remotely. The value of this Attribute will determine whether the File or URL Attribute is shown in the Attribute Editor.

File / URL

If the Source Type is set to "Local file", you will see the File Attribute, and will need to drag a .html/.htm file from the Asset Manager onto the Attribute's slot.

Alternatively, if it is set to "Remote URL", you should input the address of the web page that you want to be loaded.

Scroll Speed

In cases where the Resolution of the Web Sprite is not large enough to fit the entire page, a scroll bar will be displayed. Scroll Speed determines the speed at which the contents of the page will be scrolled.

Resolution and Size

Resolution defines the dimensions of the Web Sprite in pixels. This can be thought of as being like the size of your internet browser window. By resizing your browser window, you can fit in more content at a higher resolution.

Size defines the size of the Object in Units within 3D space. In most cases, it is recommended that this is the same value as Resolution, or the same aspect ratio, at the very least.

Common Attributes

  • Object (All)

  • Transformation (All)

  • Rotation Pivot (All)

  • Effects:

    • Tint

  • Sprite:

    • Alpha

    • Flip U

    • Flip V

    • Sort Index

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