Incari Studio

Leap Motion


The Leap Motion Nodes are Event Listener Nodes that allow a Logic Branch triggered by the user on their Leap Motion device to execute.


The Leap Motion Nodes output a list of properties. Several properties exist in the context of two different spaces. These are:
  • World space - The Incari application space, i.e. this value can be used to check against the position of Objects placed in the Project.
  • Local space - The coordinate space local to the Ultraleap device.
The properties are given in Dictionary format. A Dictionary holds key/value pairs. The keys are:
  • palmPosition - Vector3 - The position of the hand's palm in world space.
  • indexTipPosition - Vector3 - The position of the index finger's tip in world space.
  • palmVelocity - Vector3 - The direction of the hand's movement in local space.
  • palmDirection - Vector3 - The direction in which the hand faces in local space.
  • isLeft - Boolean - This indicates whether the event was generated by the left or right hand.
  • pinchStrength - Float - This indicates from 0.0 - 1.0 how strong the user is pinching their thumb together with some other finger.
  • pinchDistance - Float - This indicates from 0.0 - 1.0 how far their thumb and some other finger are from one another.
  • grabStrength - Float - This indicates from 0.0 - 1.0 the strength with which the user grabs with their hand.
These provide the necessary information for the user to incorporate Leap Motion into their Project.