Select Data


Because Input Data Sockets in Incari can only receive a value from a single connection, this creates a problem when you wish to converge the Logic into a single branch. This is why the Select Data Node was introduced. The Select Data Node takes two or more pairs of Pulse and Data inputs, and outputs the value corresponding to the input Pulse that the Node was executed by.

Scope: Project, Scene, Function, Prefab.



Data Type


The type of data that will be plugged into the Input Sockets.



The number of Input Pulses and Data Values the Node will receive.



Pulse [n]


The Pulse corresponding to the Data in the Socket below.

Input [n]

Defined in the Data Type Attribute.

The Data Value corresponding to the above Pulse.



Pulse Output (►)


A standard output Pulse, to move onto the next Node along the Logic Branch, once this Node has finished its execution.


Defined in the Data Type Attribute.

The Data Value received in the Input Socket corresponding to whichever Pulse triggered the execution of the Node.

Example Usage

The Select Data Node is particularly useful for optimizing our Logic workflow in order to avoid repetition of Nodes. The following example shows how to use the Select Data Node to merge two branches of Logic into a single branch.

The image above shows two branches that have the same effect (modify a Text Object) and could converge into a single branch. For this, the Select Data Node is introduced:

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