This page will describe Groups in Scene2Ds. The Group Object works like a folder, as it allows the user to structure and organize Objects, making Scenes with high amounts of different Objects more manageable. It is one of the only Objects in Scene2Ds which can be a parent, besides Frames and Boolean Operations.

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There are a couple of ways to create Groups.

  • Locate the drop-down Menu by clicking the plus-sign in the Scene Outliner. Then click Group and add any other Objects to it.

  • Select multiple Objects and right-click on Create. Select Group.

  • Right-click inside the Scene Outliner, select Create from the pop-up, and click on Group. Now Objects can be added one-by-one.


A Group can be deleted in its entirety or one Object at a time.

  • To delete a Group, right-click the Group and select Delete.

  • To delete one Object in a Group, simply right-click on that particular Object and select Delete.


A useful function of the Group Object is that it allows you to transform multiple Objects relative to a single Pivot Point, as if they were a single Object.

Like any other Scene Object, we can manipulate its Transformation Attributes, albeit only in the X and Y directions.



The Transformation Attributes deal with placement, rotation, and size in XY space. More information can be found here.


A Mask is an Object that shows a certain area of another Object while concealing the rest. Any Object (e.g., an Ellipse, Rectangle, Frame, Group, or Text) can be used as a Mask.

For easier visualization, think of the Mask as a cookie cutter while the masked Object is the dough: the cookie cutter shows only a part and discards the rest.

The Type Attribute has three options:

  • None - nothing is applied.

  • Alpha - the Mask has an opacity level (alpha channel) determining with which level of opacity (or transparency) the masked Object is revealed: 0% opacity reveals nothing, 100% opacity is equivalent to a Mask with Vector type.

  • Vector - only modifies the shape outline of the masked Object

  • Luminance - allows the user to utilize brightness to determine the effect of the Mask; the brighter the area of a Mask, the more that is revealed and the darker the area, the less that is revealed.

Object allows the user to select what should be the masked Object.

Apply Mask is a toggle that applies the Mask when set to on, and disables the Mask when set to off.


The Style Attributes allow for more customizability. This can override any stylesheet provided in the Project Settings or a Scene2D.

To address these in the Logic, please refer to the Object 2D Nodes.

  • CSS Classes contain the CSS class names of the Object.

  • Stylesheet contains the CSS stylesheet of the Object.


This Attribute manages the tags for the Button. See more on tags here.

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