Creating and Using Prefabs


A Prefab is composed of a collection of Objects that can be instantiated several times. Each of these Instances acts like a single Object and can retain unique properties via overrides. The characteristics that are shared through all Instances of a Prefab are managed from the Prefab Asset which is generated whenever a Prefab is created. Changes made in the Prefab Asset are enacted across all Instances.

Prefabs are available in both Scenes and Scene2Ds. They are treated virtually the same within Projects, just having dominion over different Object types.

Prefabs in Scene2Ds are treated as Frames, but with the properties of a Prefab. However, on the surface, they essentially work the same as Prefabs in Scenes.

This section shows how to get started with Prefabs. It first describes how Prefabs can be created and how to edit them thus modifying all Instances of the Prefab. This is followed by a description of how to edit one single Prefab Instance. Finally, how to unpack Prefabs is explained. See how this works in both Scenes and Scene2Ds:

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