The Vector Objects in Scene2Ds implement some updated concepts in Incari which build upon the previous Vectors while incorporating functionalities seen in Figma. The purpose of this is to lend greater customizability to the user so that they are able to import Figma projects using the Figma Importer and continue making use of fills, strokes, masks, etc. in Incari.

It is important to note that since 2023.2, the old Vector Objects no longer appear in Incari Studio. They are also deprecated, meaning that while they may appear in older Projects, they are not supported. However, the documentation for them remains under Vector (old).

For certain Figma objects, such as a Star or Polygon, Incari will import them as a Vector. These Vectors are uneditable and unchangeable and therefore do not have a separate category. This subcategory is not to be confused with the aforementioned old Vector Objects nor the current main category.


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