Numerical Attribute

Numerical Attributes are Attributes that hold Numerical Data. These include Byte, Int, Float, Vector2, Vector3 and Vector4.

Adjusting Numerical Attributes

Values of Numerical Attributes can be increased/decreased by clicking the arrow buttons of a Numerical Attribute Field. This can also be done by hovering your mouse pointer over the Field and using your mouse's scroll wheel.

We can change the step (the amount to increment by), by right-clicking the Field, and selecting an amount from the menu.

Alternatively, you can set the Value manually by clicking the Field and typing.

There are some cases where a Numerical Attribute can be adjusted using a slider.

Locking and Linking

Vector Type Attributes can have their Values linked so that they either all have the same Value when adjusted, or have the same relative Value when adjusted.

Lock IconLink IconBeforeAfter



1, 2, 1

2, 4, 2



1, 2, 1

2, 2, 2

If both the lock and link icons are active, all Values will be adjusted while maintaining their ratio to one another.

If only the lock icon is active, all Values will be adjusted to be the same Value.

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