What's New
With the release of Incari Studio 2021.3, there appeared a number of new features. Here is a list of the features you need to know.
    Primitives are new 3D Objects available in Incari that can be altered to the visual specifications of the user.
    Incari has added a third type of Light that extends the capabilities of lighting and shadows in a Scene.
    With Normal Maps now available in the Materials Editor, users of Incari can now take advantage of this texturing technique that will reduce rendering time and also improve the details of the Mesh.
    Screen Space Elements will let users transfer their designs from third-party applications like Photoshop and Figma into Incari without requiring a tedious conversion process. Furthermore, versions of 3D and Vector Objects editable only in two-dimensional space make an appearance under 2D and Vector2D categories in the Scene Outliner, alongside new Nodes.
    This new Module allows to export a Project into a desired folder of the Host target and generate an execution file.
    Incari has now a CPU Profiler tool integrated, which allows to analyze the performance of any Block of Nodes in the Logic. A Profiler Block with the new Profiler Start and Profiler Stop Nodes has to be created first and then the Profiler View Module is used for capturing and analyzing the performance of the Blocks.
    Compiler in Command Line Interface (version 1)
    Now the Logic of a Project can be compiled directly from the command line. This allows to then directly run a Project in Incari Player without having to open the Project in Incari Studio.
    The command to compile the Logic of a Project is: IncariCLI.exe /p="<project-path>".
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