Incari HMI Development Platform

Incari Studio is the authoring tool for creating User Interfaces (UIs) for all target and hardware platforms. It offers all the functions of a development environment for designers and engineers.

Process optimization can significantly reduce development time and significantly improve the quality of the results.

Getting started

This is the best place to start your journey with Incari Studio. It presents the requirements and installation process, and describes the concepts and terminology used in Incari.

Demo projects

Incari Hub provides Demo Projects, which are available under the Remote Projects tab. They are a great source of knowledge to see what can be achieved and how.


This section presents all the built-in tools, which are useful for various tasks, such as importing Assets, creating custom animations or visual programming with the Logic Editor.


Programming in Incari is done visually in the Logic Editor using Nodes. This section offers detailed descriptions of all the Nodes available in Incari and their use.

Rich documentation and community

Documentation with an in-depth description of all Incari Studio elements, short animations that show how to use particular features, videos, examples and tutorials. There is also a community forum where Incari employees can answer your questions.

2D/3D Engine

The brand new 3D graphics engine provides new ways of User Interface creation in Incari, useful for highly scalable performance and interactivity, and especially designed for modern embedded systems.

Incari Studio also fully supports HTML5 and JavaScript for interactive 2D content


Clustering capabilities for using all existing hardware in a connected car system dynamically to ensure best performance at any time. Creating dynamic interfaces across displays was never easier.

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